I want to live in the twilight country of my wildish self…
…a deer leaping into moons of light as if summoned,
seeking some reason to fall down closer to the earth.
- Reni Fulton


I serve as a Soul Guide, and I guide Soulcraft® programs with the Animas Valley Institute and with individuals via phone and Skype from my home in Durango, CO. I also offer uniquely designed programs for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations.

My work artfully weaves a variety of modalities and practices together, including: 

  • Soulcentric dreamwork
  • Listening to the body
  • Hakomi®
  • Somatic Archeology®
  • Somatic meditation
  • Deep imagination
  • Shadow work
  • Conversations with the animate natural world
  • Soul tasks in nature
  • Discovering the mythic elements of each person’s deeper life story 
  • Self-healing and “wholing,” utilizing the Map of the Psyche
  • Ceremony

I am the creator of Wild Yoga, a sacred alignment of Earth and Soul. I guide Wild Yoga programs and am certified through Yoga Alliance as E-RYT-500. I am also on the faculty at Nosara Yoga Institute.

I earned my master’s degree in counseling from John’s Hopkins University in 1997 and then worked as a wilderness therapist and guide for organizations including Outward Bound, Alldredge Academy, Aspen Achievement Academy, Passages to Recovery, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Wilderness Reflections, and the Animas Valley Institute. In addition to the programs listed on this website, I now offer CEU trainings to human service professionals. 


The only war that matters is the war against the imagination
All other wars are subsumed in it
There is no way out of the spiritual battle
There is no way you can avoid taking sides
There is no way you can
not have a poetics… 

…you can’t sign up as a conscientious objector
the war of the worlds hangs here, right now, in the balance
it is a war for this world, to keep it
a vale of soul-making…
- Diana di Prima





Although I was nervous, I felt trust for Rebecca right away. Her intuition and presence helped me become closer to myself; she guided me deep inside myself where I could ask questions that had worried me for a long time. I found self-understanding and felt my heart with a sadness I had not known before. I felt love. This session changed my life. 



About two months ago, I had a serious auto accident; I nearly died and my neck was seriously injured. After that, I had chronic pain. After one Somatic Archeology session, it changed drastically. The pain left my neck, and the tightness too. What a relief! During the session, Rebecca brought me into a deep state inside myself where I could cry and release my emotions. Afterwards, I felt so light, happy and peaceful, and my face was radiant. 



Wild Yoga has changed my life. I have touched into my authentic self and connected deeply with Earth. My playfulness has been re-awakened, and my yoga practice quickly became deeply meaningful.





Wild Yoga brought me deeper into relationship with myself as well as nature. I felt this place, where jungle meets ocean, and asked myself searching questions like, what matters to me and what do I want to do in this world.



I have worked with Rebecca twice a month for over three years.  She has helped guide me through a very important life transition and has helped me identify my wounds and gifts. I am so grateful that she is a part of my life.  She is very wise, loving and is willing to keep me on my edge